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Need to Hire a Personal Tax Preparer? - Get Your Free Report

12 Do’s Don’ts & Questions to ask Before Hiring a Tax Preparation Individual to do Your Personal Tax Return”

Dear Tax Payer:

The IRS reports that every year greater than 50% of all taxpayers hire a paid professional when it comes time to file their tax return.  If this is you, even though you pay someone else to prepare your return, you are still legally responsible for what is on it.

Because of the detailed type of information the IRS requires for a tax return, your tax return preparer is by default trusted with your most personal information.  

Therefore if you are paying someone to prepare your federal income tax return for you it is good common sense and makes financial sense for you to choose that person carefully and wisely.

In this report I give you my top 12 questions, do's and don'ts for when you're talking to or interviewing a tax return preparer so you can ask these BEFORE hiring them and turning over your tax documents to them.

After reading it if you have questions, please call me at 704-946-6100.


Don Henderson, CPA