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Accounting Services

People often confuse bookkeeping and accounting in a business as the same thing. While both tasks work to help you manage your finances, there are important differences between the tasks of a bookkeeper and what an accountant does.

Remember it is important to understand that both bookkeepers and accountants are key parts of your business. Their tasks will occasionally overlap but there are specific segments or areas of your business that you would specifically use an accountant for, and others that you would use a bookkeeper for.

What is the difference? The best way to remember is a bookkeeper is usually the person that assists you with recording the every day financial transactions that keep your business running smoothly. They record history or what you did transaction wise in your business.

Conversely your accountant will be the person who analyzes the information and data generated by your bookkeeper, reports on it and then give you suggestions and financial advice on how to make business decisions, based on those reports, financial data and the subsequent tax implications for your business.

Here at Henderson, Story and Company, PA CPAs we can provide and assist you with the accounting aspects and tasks of successfully running your business so you can focus on your sales and ongoing management of your business, and not be distracted with the details of accounting and bookkeeping.

This allows you to do what you do best, sell, manage and grow your business knowing we’ve taken care of keeping your books, bank statements and checkbooks organized and reconciled - and your overall finances in order.

You Focus On Your Business & Let Us Handle Your Accounting

As an entrepreneur and small business owner you know there are dozens of operational details that need your full attention.  You need to develop and deliver quality products or services.  You need to hire, train and manage your staff.

And last but not least you need to attract new clients & customers while keeping your current ones coming back.  Plus there is always the daily business operations like sending out invoices, paying your bills and keeping your books up to date & bank statements reconciled.

This and more are all necessary to keep your business running, growing and profitable.  Because of these demands on your time it can be difficult for you to make or allocate the time to manage the financial side of your business.

Let’s face it, many business owners simply do not have the accounting skills or the determination to tackle being their own CPA as well as run their business.   

That’s where our staff at Henderson, Story and Company, PA CPAs can help.  We’ve been providing bookkeeping and accounting services to North Carolina businesses owners like you in the Charlotte metro area since 1987.  

Our highly experienced bookkeeping and accounting team can work with you to help keep your company running efficiently while legally reducing your taxes and increasing your profitability, allowing your to organically grow your business by keeping more of what you earn.

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Here is a partial list of the different services we can provide your business here at Henderson, Story and Company, PA CPAs:

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