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About Henderson, Story and Company, PA

Henderson, Story and Company, PA started serving the Charlotte metro area in 1990, providing small businesses with accounting, bookkeeping and tax minimization & planning services to help them sustain and grow their businesses.

Don Henderson, CPA, CMA is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and holds a Masters Degree in Business from Wake Forest University.

The primary focus of a CPA is external reporting. Preparing financial statements for banks making lending decisions or preparing tax returns for government agencies assessing tax liabilities. The primary responsibility of the CPA is to the users of the financial statements.

The primary focus of the CMA is internal reporting for decision-making and control...What the owner needs to know to run the business. The primary responsibility of the CMA is to the owners of the business... to get them the information in the form they need for them to gain clarity to make good decisions in running their company. Don’s personal love is Managerial Accounting under the umbrella of “What you can measure you can manage”.

Brenda Story, CPA graduated from Appalachian State University and has been a Certified Public Accountant for over 40 years.  She has been the Managing Partner and Senior Tax Partner of Henderson Story and Company, PA  for over 30 years. Prior to that she was a tax senior with a national CPA firm. Brenda  sees that her job is to keep our clients out of trouble with the government while they pay the least amount of tax allowed by law ... and she takes her job very seriously.

Donna Silinski, CPA earned  her undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University. She has been a Certified Public Accountant for over 30 years. She worked in managerial accounting in industry for several years before joining Henderson, Story and Company, PA where she has focused primarily on tax accounting for the last 20 years.

This has given her a unique perspective on the conflicts of the business owner wanting to make good decisions and maximize their profits  (managerial accounting), while needing to minimize their tax liability (Tax Accounting).  Also, at the same time, needing to maximize their net worth for borrowing needed capital and buying needed assets.

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